Operative Conditions of Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH

The following Operative Conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions of Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH

1. temperature controlled transports

a) Refrigerated trucks must have a valid FRC certificate for the trailer at the time of transport.

b) The original of the valid ATP certificate must be carried during the transport.


  • Be equipped with a temperature recorder.
  • Be lockable.
  • And have the necessary load securing for the transport.

d) In accordance with COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No. 37/2005 of 12 January 2005 on the monitoring of temperatures of quick-frozen foodstuffs in means of transport and storage, electronic and/or analog records must be kept. The records must be archived for at least 24 months and must be handed over to Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH free of charge within 24 hours upon request.

2. equipment-related hygiene and food safety

All trailers must be swept clean, dry inside, and free of odors and residues.

3. work safety, reliability and general requirements

a) a) Fluorescent safety vests and safety shoes must be worn during loading and unloading operations.

b) Compliance with applicable food standards shall be maintained. An understanding of hygiene is also required.

c) Carrying of hitchhikers and/or pets is prohibited.

4. temperature-controlled transports

a) Refrigerated trailers shall be precooled to transport temperature at least one hour prior to loading.

b) The pre-cooling process must be documented by the temperature recorder.

5. loading and unloading operations; damage

a) Loading and unloading must be supervised by the driver. If this is impossible, Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH is to be informed immediately and to wait for instructions.

b) When loading, the driver must ensure that the loading is safe to operate, taking into account the number of loading units to be loaded and the gross weight.

c) If the following quality defects are detected during loading and unloading, the operation shall be interrupted immediately, Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH shall be informed and shall wait for instructions.

  • Visible damage to the goods or loading equipment
  • Contamination of the goods
  • Defective packaging and/or securing of the goods

d) If no defects are found during loading or unloading, the driver confirms by signing the delivery bill or CMR waybill that the goods were accepted and delivered in proper condition and in the correct quantity.

6. load securing

The load is to be secured against any slipping/tipping, etc.. If the load still appears unstable (e.g. due to stacking of loading units), Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH shall be informed immediately and shall wait for further instructions. The refrigerated trailers are to be secured against access by third parties.

7. instructions of third parties

Instructions of third parties, e.g. suppliers/loading points or consignees/unloading points, which are in contradiction to our General Terms and Conditions shall only be followed after consultation with us.

8. transhipment/supplementary loading/LTL transport orders

a) a) Orders of Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH may only be transhipped or reloaded if this has been agreed in writing with Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH in advance in the individual case.

b) Any consolidation/optimization/extra loading must be agreed upon in writing with Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH in advance.