On the road throughout Europe.

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We know about temperature. Thermologistic provides primarily air-conditioned transport at Frankfurt Airport with a direct connection to the Perishable Center Frankfurt. We specialize in ‘cross-docking’, organizing and handling all transport services for perishable goods. With our own fleet of vehicles and working with selected partner companies, we provide road feeder services throughout Europe. We prioritize quality and sustainability in all our logistics projects.

Transport services

Transport services. On the road throughout Europe.

Transport services. On the road throughout Europe. Our transport management system optimizes and coordinates all goods flows, in Germany and internationally. We are the right partner for FTL, LTL, or multimodal transport. Delivery quality is always a top priority for us. Our vehicles are GPS-monitored and can be located at any time using online tracking. We offer our customers a 24/7 service. We have the right logistics solutions, with fair terms and conditions, for every transport requirement.

Road feeder services.

Road feeder services. From the aircraft to the truck.

UTIONS Road feeder services. From the aircraft to the truck. We transport palletized or loose-loaded air freight cargo to all German and European airports direct from Frankfurt Airport. We can transport goods at temperatures ranging from –25°C to +25°C (–13°F to +77°F) in our own, specially equipped refrigerated trailers. Our thermo fleet features a roller bed system, which facilitates the rapid loading of air freight containers. With ISO 9001:2015 and IFS Logistics certification, our company is a reliable partner for all kinds of refrigerated transport


Storage. Space on 4,000 m².

Thermologistic has a warehouse in Kelsterbach at Frankfurt Airport. The hall with an area of 4,000 m2 and temperature ranges from 0 to 25 degrees is primarily intended for the storage and handling of perishable goods. This includes fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers. Up to 2,000 Euro pallets can be handled there per day. The warehouse is certified according to the logistics standards ISO 9001: 2015 and IFS Logistics for cold storage.

Groupage transport.

Groupage transport. Less-than-carload freight and part load to Eastern Europe.

From our warehouse in Kelsterbach we offer trips for general cargo and partial loads in the dry cargo area to Eastern Europe several times a week. Our experienced employees coordinate transhipment, packaging and handling for transport on schedule. We guarantee safe storage of piece goods and handle export and customs clearance. The transport takes place safely and at the desired time to the destination. Contact our Eastern Europe expert Igor Judt directly phone: +49 69 698 689 623 or email i.judt@thermologistic.com

Flexible, reliable, and fair.

Logistics solutions.

Logistics solutions. A one-stop shop.

As a competent, full-service logistics company, we rely on well-designed, intelligent and digital logistics solutions. We offer customers a customized service, thanks to our reliable transport network and modern storage facilities. We also provide warehousing capacities with around 10,000 spaces in a low-temperature refrigeration area as well as a warehouse with 1,500 storage spaces for dry goods.Thermologistic develops tailored strategies that combine added value and innovation. We have many years of experience and prioritize outstanding quality management. We have the right solution for each logistics requirement.

Temperature zones.

Temperature zones. Hot, cold, ice cold.

As a refrigerated logistics company, we specialize in transporting all types of food at the right temperatures. We always guarantee the optimum environment for the product, in partial or in full loads. We provide reliable logistics solutions, particularly for fresh, temperature-controlled and frozen goods. Our service offering ranges from frostproof warehouse logistics to transportation in heated thermo trailers. We also transport medicines, chemicals, paints, rubber and plastic parts and adhesives. It is extremely important to us that goods are delivered to their recipients safely and on time, regardless of the transport environment.


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