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Thermologistic Acquires Frankfurt Road Cargo GmbH

Frankfurt-based refrigerated logistics company invests approximately EUR 350,000 in expanding its transport services.

Frankfurt – May 25th, 2020 Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH has taken over Frankfurt Cargo Road GmbH from an insolvency. The logistics company is thus continuing its expansion course. With the takeover of the transport service provider, the number of employees increases by 9 additional employees at the Frankfurt site. Thus, 2 office employees and 7 drivers will be employed by Frankfurt Road Cargo. In addition, Thermologistic GmbH is taking over 13 mega trailers, 7 curtainsider trailers and 6 GDP-certified refrigerated trailers from the insolvent company. The latter are equipped with state-of-the-art telematics and C-log systems.

CEO Bernd Schmied sees this step as an important milestone in the expansion of his company: “With the rapid takeover of Frankfurt Road Cargo, we will strengthen our market position at Frankfurt Airport even more than was planned. In merging both companies, our priority has been to guarantee a seamless transition and continuity in existing business relationships.”

Acquiring the customer base gives Thermologistic GmbH new opportunities at Frankfurt Airport, especially when it comes to transporting pharmaceuticals and engines. The newly acquired vehicles are the perfect addition to the company’s fleet portfolio and are to be deployed with immediate effect in Germany and Europe.

Bernd Schmied continues: “This acquisition gives us an even broader base and means that we can achieve better capacity utilization. Furthermore, having our own equipment gives us the advantage that we have greater control over the relevant transport services. We will therefore attract new customer groups and consolidate our market presence.”

The refrigerated logistics company expects to run an additional 1,000 trips in the current financial year. Of these, roughly 70% will involve the transport of pharmaceuticals and around 30% will involve the transport of engines. Thermologistic expects to increase sales by 25% in 2020.

About Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH:
Das Unternehmen Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH wurde 2018 gegründet. Der Sitz des Logistikunternehmens mit dem
Schwerpunkt klimatisierte Transporte ist am Frankfurter Flughafen mit direktem Anschluss an das Perishable Center
Frankfurt. Thermologistic ist auf die Organisation und die Abwicklung sämtlicher Transportdienstleistungen für leicht
verderbliche Waren im sogenannten Cross-Docking-Geschäft spezialisiert. Mit einer eigenen Fahrzeugflotte sowie mit
ausgewählten Partnerunternehmen bietet Thermologistic unter anderem europaweite Luftfrachtersatzverkehre an.
Thermologistic ist nach ISO 9001:2015 und IFS Logistics zertifiziert und legt großen Wert auf Qualität sowie Nachhaltigkeit
bei allen Logistikprojekten. Mehr unter:

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