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Thermologistic Mobilizes

Frankfurt-based refrigerated logistics company plans to increase sales with more trailers.

Frankfurt – December 18, 2019 – Thermologistic is expanding its trailer fleet. The Frankfurt-based refrigerated logistics company is thus responding to the strong demand in the area of temperature-controlled transport. The new investment covers 13 state-of-the-art trailers. The new units are equipped with double-deck technology and roller beds and in some cases also have partition walls for bi-temperature-controlled transport. The trailers are also equipped with a GPS tracker. These new additions bring the Thermologistic fleet to a total of 40 vehicles, which are operated by partner service providers throughout Germany and abroad. The total amount invested comes to roughly EUR 800,000. The company is also creating two new positions at the freight center in Frankfurt Airport.

By expanding its fleet, Thermologistic is meeting the demands of the growing market for combined air freight transport. The trailers are equipped with roller beds, guaranteeing greater flexibility and faster loading and unloading of temperature-controlled air freight goods. This is particularly important in the case of perishable goods, such as fruit, vegetables, meat or even medicines. Transshipment and processing times, at the Perishable Center at Frankfurt Airport for example, will be significantly reduced as the vehicles used have been specially equipped for air freight transport.

“We will be even faster and more efficient thanks to these new, optimized trailers. As traffic volumes grow, it is only by expanding our fleet that we will be able to meet the high standards that our customers expect,” says Bernd Schmied, CEO of Thermologistic. The transporter also plans to improve its market position with the expansion of the fleet. The company, which has both ISO 9001:2015 and IFS Logistics certification, expects to increase sales by about 50% as a result.
Flotte werden wir bei wachsender Verkehrsdichte den hohen Ansprüchen unserer Kunden gerecht“, so Bernd
Schmied, Geschäftsführer von Thermologistic. Mit der Flottenerweiterung will der Transporteur auch seine
Marktposition verbessern. So rechnet das nach ISO 9001:2015 und IFS Logistics zertifizierte Unternehmen mit
einer Steigerung des Umsatzes und des Gewinns um rund 50 Prozent.

About Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH:
Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH was established in 2018. The logistics company, an expert in air-conditioned transport, is headquartered at Frankfurt Airport with a direct link to the Perishable Center Frankfurt. Thermologistic specializes in ‘cross-docking’, organizing and handling all transport services for perishable goods. With its own fleet of vehicles and working with selected partner companies, Thermologistic provides road feeder services throughout Europe. The company also operates a fleet of curtainside trailers for transporting engines (wide loads). Thermologistic has ISO 9001:2015, IFS Logistics and GDP certification and prioritizes quality and sustainability in all logistics projects.

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